Jammu Municipal Corporation in financial crisis

On one hand Jammu is aspiring to become a metro city and on the other, Jammu Municipal Corporation is facing financial crunch. Astonishing it may sound, but a big store earns more than what JMC manages to earn each month. Jammu Municipal Corporation

On an average, JMC collects revenue of mere Rs 2 lakhs.  Ironically, the salary bill of its approximate 4000 employees amounts near about Rs 2 crores.

Before the dissolution of last municipal corporation in 2010, various taxes were proposed between the years 2005 and 2010. They included taxes on door-to-door garbage collection, business establishments,  rehri fees etc.

No rehri licences have been issued in the last two years, no trade tax has been imposed in the last six-seven years etc.
Revenue from public hoardings and advertisements has also reduced to almost nil. Building Operation Controlling Authority meetings are also failing miserably to collect much needed revenue. BOCA used to earn by passing maps and plans.

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If the corporation sincerely wants to fill its coffers, here are few ways through which the JMC could earn:
•       Public hoardings/ advertisements
•       Trade Tax
•       Imposing NOC fees on business establishments
•       Licence fees from telecom operators
•       Permissions to conduct public functions
•       Rent from JMC infrastructure
•       Rotary fees
•       Explosives’ stalls
•       By imposing heavy fine on polythene bags
•       Parking fees
•       Door-to-door garbage collection

[With inputs from online reports]

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