Heritage power project to be revived in J&K

State government is going to revive the state’s first hydroelectric project, Mohora. The project was constructed in 1905. The ambitious project will be taken up by the J&K State Power Development Corporation, JKSPDC and restored to a capacity of 9 MW as compared to its original capacity.Heritage power project to be revived in J&K jammu kashmir

According to a Indian Express he project is likely to cost an approximate Rs 120 crores which is proposed to be funded under the Prime Minister’s Development Project.

In pic: Wooden Flume
In pic: Wooden Flume

The water conductor for the old project is wooden flume approximately 11 kilometres in length and a heritage conservationist is being consulted on possible options for the revival of the flume. The flume served dual purpose- irrigation as well as for helped generate electricity.

The powerhouse was out of service by the year 1950 and was washed away in the floods of 1959.

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Under the modernisation & rehabilitation proposal of the Mohora HEP, the JKSPDC seeks to utilise the available fall of 114 Mt for the 9.00 MW installed capacity from the flows of the River Jhelum. As such, the restoration of the project involves the construction of an intake channel, restoration and repair of walls, as well as removal of debris along with the installation of turbines and generators.

A portion of the wooden flume will also need to be replaced with RCC conduits as the wooden beams are not in a good condition.

Mohora HEP project is expected to yield an annual energy generation of 42.49 million units of hydropower after it comes into function.

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