Dogri music and learning in one app!

Finally Dogri enthusiasts will have their hands on something novel to learn from. Gone are the days of books and notes. Kunwar Viyogi Memorial Trust has launched an app, Discover Dogri. The app serves two purposes:

  • As Dogri dictionary

  • As catalogue of Dogri music

The App is designed with the aim to help people understand and learn Dogri through the Learn Dogri section. In the other section, Dogri Music, a wide range of Dogri songs, ghazals and music videos are available to bring Dogri music to every handset.

Searching for a particular word in English or Hindi in the search box brings out meanings and related poetry pieces to enhance the learning. For better understanding of the user, sentences have also been constructed using Dogri words. Synonymous of various Dogri words are also available in the section.

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In the section, Converse in Dogri, one can find translation of commonly used sentences from English to Dogri and Hindi.

Watch video to know more about the app:

Kunwar Viyogi Memorial Trust has been set up in memory of renowned Dogri man of letters Captain Randhir Singh, popularly known as Kunwar Viyogi in literary circles.

There is also an option for budding as well as popular artistes to launch their books in the Launch Your Book option on digital platform through this app. Just fill in some details about your literary work, upload  a cover and your work is published online!

Click here to download the app  from Google Play Store.

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