BJP-PDP to silently ban Facebook and Whatsapp in JK?

Who could forget the despotic ban on SMS service in J&K which existed for four long years in the state. It was before Whatsapp and Facebook became lifeline of internet communication. While the rest of India was buying SMS packs to send tons of SMSes to their loved ones, we in J&K had nothing of the sort. By the time the state government relieved the ban, it was too late. Internet and social media websites had begun gripping the youngsters of the state.facebook watsapp ban jammu kashmir

Just like SMS service was banned on pretext of security reasons, there are equal speculations of Facebook and Whatsapp being banned suddenly. Although it has been reported time and again that Whatsapp and Facebook groups are being used by terrorists and antisocial elements in the state, there is news that you have been made an April’s fool and the BJP-PDP government has no hand in it. We at Jammu Virasat wish a happy April Fools’ day and hope that you enjoy the day with all your near and dears.

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