Bacch Dua Festival of Jammu and Dogra’s

Bacch Dua – Hindu mother’s belonging to Dogra community perform rituals for the long life of their children.  Apart from being a religious festival for the Dogra’s, it is also an occasion for reunion and rejuvenation, and a celebration of traditional culture and customs. Bacch Dua dogra jammu

While the ritual entails mother’s to fast and visit the temple to offer the sweet rotis called ‘rutt’, soaked chana, haldi and the likes to pray for their children.

Here is the legend behind Bacch Dua or Govatsa Dwadashi.

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In a legend, it is mentioned that how miscommunication between Mother-in-law and Daughter-in-law leads to the Daughter-in-law cooking Bach ( male calf) instead of Mach (fish). Upon the discovery of this blunder the Mother-in-law and Daughter-in-law pray to God and ask for atonement of their sins. They beg God to return the Bach back to life before the mother cow returns from the fields. Thankfully God grants their wish. Hence women celebrate this festival and a male child symbolic of the slaughtered bachh has ceremonial importance in the festivities.

The Hindus call the cow as Mother with gratitude. Where there is protection and nurture of cow, the person, society and nation do not lack in prosperity.

It is important however to note the reason behind every ritual. Only then will the Festival become meaningful and have its intended impact. This local festival not only embodies the Vedic principle of reverence towards nature and all animals but also celebrates the bond between mother and child irrespective of the species.

There could be other variations to the Pauraanik Katha but it’s principle is timeless.. that of love, reverence and gratitude.

This vrat is done by consuming one meal. However, in the meal cow milk and the dishes made from it and fried foods like bhujiya, pakaudi etc. are not consumed.

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