6 Things to Know About State Govt’s Mediclaim Insurance for State Employees & Pensioners

State government has gifted its employees with an unexpected gift. In a meeting of the State Administrative Council (SAC), was sanctioned the implementation of the group mediclaim insurance policy for all state government employees from October 1 this year. Here are a few quick facts to know:

  1. The scheme will also benefit employees of PSUs, autonomous bodies and universities on a mandatory basis.employees  Happy Jammu
  2. Benefit would also be given to pensioners, AIS officers, ad hoc, contractual, daily rated workers, work charged/contingent paid workers and their dependant family members.
  3. The benefits will be provided on optional basis for a period of one year and extendable annually for three years, based on the claim settlement ratio and satisfactory performance of the insurer.
  4. The policy will include a medical insurance cover of Rs 6 lakh for individual employees up to five family members with a corporate buffer of Rs 10 crore.
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  5. The premium to be paid by the employee annually would be Rs 5,176.84. For pensioners, the premium would be Rs18,628 annually.
  6. Further, the deduction of the annual premium would be made from the salaries of the employees in four installments.

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