Swad e Ustad of Dogra cuisine

While we Dogras live our lives during the Coronavirus pandemic, it is important to keep our sanity and what better way than to be part of a challenge to showcase our cooking skills of Dogra cuisines.

Showcase the image and recipe of your signature dish recipe and win an exclusive apron and other fantastic prizes. Moreover, you could have the chance to see your recipe on our website and social networks.

You only have to send us an email at info@jammuvirasat.com with image of cuisine cooked by you withyour contact details, you can participate with any kind of dish, both salty and sweet. 

The contest is open to everybody who wants to take this challenge.



To participate in the contest you only have to send your favorite recipe and a photo of the dish you cooked to info@jammuvirasat.com or jammuvirasat@gmail.com. Your photo will be uploaded on the official facebook page of Jammu Virasat. Then you will have to tag five of your friend who you think can participate and also share the same post on your wall. Further, you will have to share it and get maximum engagement. We won’t accept incomplete e-mails with photo or recipe only. You can choose any kind of recipe, both salty and sweet.


The person who will send us the best recipe will win a Jammu Virasat apron and will have the possibility to see his/her recipe published on the stories  section of our website (www.jammuvirasat.com), on our social media pages and on our newsletter. Also the second and the third-best will be awarded with the apron too, and they will appear together in a narrower space on our website, newsletter and social media pages in the following months.


The contest is open to everybody in all countries. No subscription is necessary, you only need to send us an e-mail to info@jammuvirasat.com  with your recipe and the photo of your dish.


The contest will last until 3rdth May 2020.

We will announce the winners on our website (In focus section) and on all our social networks in the following days.


JammuVirasat team will be the jury for this contest. The judgement will be based on the engagements received from the beautiful image of your dish along with the following conditions.

  1. Cooking simplicity: the preparation time should not exceed 1 hour and a half and the recipe should have a medium-low cooking difficulty.

2. Presentation: The photo of the dish has to be tempting with proper cleanliness and finishing.

All these things will be considered for announcing the winners. If there is a clash between the two, we will consider each one of them as winner. The same will be applicable for the second and the third place, so there might be more than one second and third place.


Any person sending us any kind of offensive content will be disqualified and will be no more able to take part in the contest. Also any type of negative comments contents for the company or other participants is strictly prohibited.


Jammuvirasat.com reserves the right to use the contest you send us. The winner, the second and the third-best will be mentioned on the in focus section of our website, on our newsletter and on our social networks. Images/video will become property of JammuVirasat.

For any info you can contact us at info@jammuvirasat.com

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