Health Minister pregnant or not?

Former CM Omar Abdullah could arguably be considered as the most popular tweeter of Jammu & Kashmir. He is quick to give a lot of opinion and comments on twitter. His tweets are often quirky and witty. BUT one of his ‘witty’ tweets got him into a little blooper recently.

On November 30, he tweeted this with a picture

“…the Health Dept has just declared that their Minister (male) is pregnant & attending Antenatal classes. Small mistakes point to a lack of seriousness & lack of attention to detail.”

small mistake helath jammu

The problem is with the second line in the quote which roughly translates into

“Doctors visit every district hospital the 9th of every month, and pregnant women like me get free ANC check up done”

 The health minister reacted sharply tweeting

@OmarAbdullah is misleading the masses. It doesn’t suit a former CM to use cropped images for publicity. Really unfortunate

He also added the complete picture to substantiate his tweet

the Hindi version of the print for better comprehension jammu

Here is the Hindi version of the print for better comprehension of the readernational health mission j&k

Now, it is up to the reader to decide whether Mr Abdullah is to be blamed for seeing half the picture, or Mr Bhagat for occupying the woman’s space.


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