Interesting things to know about recently inaugurated Maa Sharda Devi temple in Jammu and Kashmir’s Kupwara

Union Home Minister Amit Shah e-inaugurated Maa Sharda Devi Temple at Teetwal on the banks of Kishanganga River near Line of Control in north Kashmir’s Kupwara district. Following are some Interesting things to know about Maa Sharda Devi :

1. Maa Sharda Devi Temple is at Teetwal on the banks of Kishanganga River near Line of Control in north Kashmir’s Kupwara district.

2. The newly inaugurated temples’ architecture and construction has been done according to mythological scriptures under the aegis of Sharda Peeth.

3. Till the 14th century, due to natural calamities many times the temple continued to suffer damage. Foreign invasions also caused a lot of damage. The last repair of the temple was done by Maharaja Gulab Singh in the 19th century.

4. Once upon a time, this whole place was considered to be the main center of education. Its library used to be huge. Scholars used to come from far away to study the books here. This temple helped a lot in the promotion and popularity of Sharda Manuscript in North India. It is said that this temple was built by Maharaj Ashoka in 237 BC. People from all over the country used to come here to visit. According to historians, Sharda Peeth temple was a center of reverence for Kashmiri Pandits like Amarnath and Martand Sun Temple of Anantnag. There was no worship in this for the last 70 years.

5. Sharda Peeth temple has been a symbol of faith of Kashmiri Pandits, but this centuries old temple had turned into ruins. It is said to be about 2400 years old. It is considered one of the main Shakti Peethas. Kashmir Pandits have been demanding its renovation for a long time.

6. Sharda Peeth is believed to be the first pilgrimage site dedicated to the Shakta sect. The worship of the Goddess first started in this temple of Kashmir. Later Kheer Bhavani and Vaishno Devi Temple were established.

7. Kashmiri Pandits believe that Maa Sharda worshiped in Sharda Peeth is a confluence of three powers. First Sharda (goddess of education) second Saraswati (goddess of knowledge) and Vagdevi (goddess of speech).

Old Image of Maa Sharda Devi temple

8. Once upon a time “Sharda Peeth” was considered the centre of knowledge in the Indian subcontinent and scholars from all over the country used to visit Maa Sharda Devi temple in search of scriptures and spiritual knowledge.

9. Sharda script is the original script of Kashmir, which has been named after the name of Maa Sharda.

10. This temple is dedicated to Saraswati, the goddess of learning. Shankaracharya, the father of Shaivism and Ramanujacharya, the founder of Vaishnavism, both came here. Both made important achievements here. Shankaracharya sat on the omniscient bench. Ramanujacharya introduced Srividya’s commentary on this.

Sharda Peeth (Saraswati Mandir) (Sarvagya peeth), Kishan ganga , Neelam Valley, Pak Occupied Kashmir, 16 miles from LOC.

11. In the month of December 2021, traditional worship was done on this land. For the renovation of this temple, Sev Sharda Samiti formed a temple construction committee. The committee included three local Muslims, a Sikh and a Kashmiri Pandit. The construction work of Mata Sharda temple started on 28 March in Titwal village of North Kashmir. Along with the temple, the construction of Gurudwara and Masjid also started. The office bearers of Save Sharda Committee (SSC) said that we want to set an example of brotherhood here.

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