Who wrote I LOVE MY INDIA, with blood, in Kashmir!

Stone pelting and anti-national activities may seem like a norm in Kashmir, but certainly that’s not the complete picture. To prove our presumptions wrong, a school girl from Kashmir painted “I love my India” with her own blood. Irrespective of how unpleasant it may sound, she did succeed in proving her point.18_08_2018-ilovemyindia_18325483

20 Granadiers of Indian Army conducted a painting competition in a village of Bandipore in which they received this shocking work of art. Bandipore has a notorious reputation where civilians are kidnapped and killed anytime.

When army officers asked this little girl, Naaz (name changed) about the painting, she replied,

“I could find no better colour to show my love for my country than that of my own blood. I love my country, I love my India”

The patriot was rightly honoured by being invited as chief guest for the flag hoisting ceremony at the local Army Camp on 72nd Independence Day. She also had the honour of unfurling the tricolor and reviewing the parade.

Jammu Virasat applauds the spirit of this brave girl, who dared to challenge the ideology of communal divide and made the nation proud.

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