Two Men Caught Doing ‘Kiki Challenge’ In Jammu

Drake’s Kiki challenge has caught the internet by the storm these days. As the challenge spreads across the country, it is landing people in trouble for it fools around with the praxis of road safety. And that is no joke.

Two teenage boys in Jammu and Kashmir’s Rajouri district ended up in jail for doing the viral ‘Kiki Challenge’, police said on Thursday.

Watch Video here: 

The viral ‘Kiki Challenge’, also known as ‘In My Feelings Challenge’, involves jumping out of a moving car and dancing alongside it to Canadian rapper Drake’s latest song, ‘Kiki do you love me’.

Two boys—Veenesh Chibber and Chetan Bali—were arrested for taking the challenge on road, Senior Superintendent of Police Yougal Manhas said.

The incident came to light after the boys filmed the video of the act and shared it on Facebook last evening, he said.

He said the police advised all people not to perform any adventurous act especially on roads, which endangers their lives.

Parents are also appealed to aware their wards about bad consequences of the challenge, the SSP said.

The challenge, while is not only dangerous for the person performing it, but is also menacing for the other people. Folks, safety first, always. Not just yours, but of your fellow travellers, as well.

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