Things to know about Decontamination & Sanitizing Tunnel at GMC, Jammu

Amid Corona virus pandemic in the region, JMC has taken an initiate of installing Decontamination & Sanitizing Tunnel at Government Medical College, Jammu to stop the spread of Coronavirus by disinfecting the visitors.

The engineers and technicians at Jammu civic body are using the spirit of ‘jugaad‘ or hacks to equip hospitals and sanitation workers with tools to fight coronavirus in Jammu. At the municipal corporation’s workshop, workers assembled decontamination tunnels into boom sprayers to sanitise hospital.

Here are few interesting things you should know:

  1.   According online reports JMC has built these in-house it was further mentioned that it was very difficult to establish the Disinfect Tunnel due to lockdown, as the required material was not easily available but due to dedication and determined efforts of staff of JMC the said Disinfectant Tunnel is established at GMC Jammu.            

  2. The Disinfectant Tunnel is made of galvanized iron pipes of 32 MM and 24 MM. One thousand litres of tank has been used in it and it has six nozzles but the Tunnel can be expanded upto 18 nozzles as per requirement.             
  3. The disinfectant spray will shower on the visitors and will help to reduce the chances of spreading Coronavirus. Besides, the Disinfectant Tunnel will also be very helpful for doctors and paramedical staff. Even stretchers and wheel chairs are also sanitized, as extra pipe has been fixed for disinfecting the medical equipments.            

  4.  In the Disinfectant Tunnel there is water proof electric panel for easy management and iron sheets fabricated for extra protection against the unpredictable weather is also in place. Special flooring provision for sanitizing shoes soles and LED illumination has been provided especially for night.

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