Stories by the Dogras of Jammu: Baba Raghu, a ghost or a friend?

Baba Raghu Jammu“Every child has his or her favourite bed time tale and here I go with mine:

My house at Jammu is just behind the beautiful Palace of Mubarakh Mandi. My bedtime stories didn’t involve Casper the ghost but somebody known as “Baba Raghu”.

Baba Raghu was not a prince of my fairytale but a ghost, a noble soul, whose stories my grandma used to share. As per my grand maa’s story, he came to the palace with (Queen) Rani Charki, along with her Doli on her wedding day to the Kingdom of Jammu to protect her and the kingdom from evil.

He even had a dedicated Royal Chef named Kurko who served him lavish meals daily.

As per my grand maa he used to fix notorious elements of society. Nobody could have had misbehaved in and outside the palace. Even smoking near the palace streets (Pakki Dhakki) was not seen as Baba Raghu was concerned about the wellbeing of people and sanctity of the Royal Palace.

Not sure if Baba Raghu has helped others but has definitely helped my mom to stop me doing mischievous.
She used to say “Aur karo shararatain, aapun Raghu Baba aai jag”…
As a kid, in times of trouble, he used to be my saviour ghost. Either to save me from my mother’s scolding or to punish my peers who were not listening to me.

Gol Ghar is the place which has Baba Raghu’s Samadhi. It used to be my best Saturday and Sunday spot.

Baba Raghu was a terror but at cute one and till date I am fond of his stories.


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Now tell me what’s your story? Let’s share the real essence of our warm, colourful & majestic Jammu“.

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