Siar Baba: A religious place, not a picnic spot

The days of recreation at Siar Baba are soon to become history. The district administration has decided to put an end to recreational activities at the holy place.

Keeping in view the recent tragedy, in which several people were killed by a boulder, the district administration will soon construct a boundary wall around the holy waters.

story of Siar Baba

Although now considered a tourist spot these days, the place actually has religious significance. One Siar Baba used to meditate here. This place is also said to be resting place of Nag Devta.

It is a firm belief of the locals that after bathing in the waterfall here, sterile couples can fulfil their desire of having a child of their own. After taking bath here, the couple is supposed to leave their clothes here.

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Since people will no more be able to bathe under the waterfall, yet it is said that a separate place will be set up for destitute couples wishing to take the holy bath.

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