Remote village of Jammu region having No Power, No Medical facility , No Water facility and No Roads

Even in this age when the world is becoming a small village in itself, still there are villages in J&K which don’t have a road leading to them. One such village is Mata of  Tehsil Pauni of Jammu region reported by

remote village jammu region
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Here are some facts about the village which will put ‘development’ to shame :

-The village is 10 kms away from the town and the only way to it is through traditional routes. It has a population of 20 thousand and farming is principal occupation of the locals.

-Goods are taken to and from this village on ponies. Traditional routes to the village get damaged due to rains and avalanches and gets cut off from the rest of the world in rainy season.
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-The village has already been surveyed by the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana long ago, but the road is nowhere to be seen. Like Mata, other surrounding villages which share a similar fate are Upper Mata, Smat, Chandi and Berigala.

-Apart from road, the villages lack proper medical facilities, power and drinking water supply.

-Villagers say that it takes them 6 hours to take their goods to the town for trade and another 6 to return. Although the road was scheduled to be made by July 19, 2017 but the deadline has been delayed to March 18, 2019.

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