Happy Diwali Special: Top five places for Diwali shopping in Jammu

Diwali season is here and the bazaars are jam packed. Most of us have started exchanging gifts. If you are in a hurry and don’t have enough time to think of gift ideas, visit any of these popular stops and get a wide range of gift items in Jammu:

Wave Mall: Agree or not, this could be called as the only mall of Jammu, at least for now. So for the time being, till you don’t have any choice, please visit it to get some fancy and exquisite gifts for your dear ones.Wave Mall Jammu

Big Bazaar: This popular super market stands on our beloved City Square Mall. There is a wide variety of options to choose from ranging over all price ranges.Big Bazaar Jammu

Vishal Mega Mart: Three VMMs of the city- Kunjwani, Janipur and Bahu Plaza are always thronged by customers and window shoppers alike. You can visit any of these to have your pick.Vishal Mega mart Jammu

Best Prise: If you haven’t shopped at Best Price (Walmart) Jammu, you haven’t shopped at all. One must visit this gigantic store and we guarantee that you won’t come back empty handed.best price jammu

Good old Jammu City: For people who live to take a walk through the hustle bustle of old Jammu city, the bazaars of old Jammu city are for you. Shopping in small lanes of Purani Mandi, Patel Bazaar, Moti Bazaar, Fattu Chowgan, Jain Bazaar, Raghunath Bazaar is in itself a different experience altogether.Good old Jammu City

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