Hanuman temple in Jammu : First desecrated and now sealed!

A Hanuman temple was sealed yesterday, by Jammu Development Authority, in Trikuta Nagar area of Jammu. After protests by locals and activists of Vishwa Hindu Parishad, the doors of the temple were reopened today.

What the authorities say:

According to authorities, the temple has been built illegally on the banks of an irrigation canal.

What the public says:

According to the locals, the authorities should have raised concerns when the temple was being raised. Moreover, the JDA ought to have intervened, when the temple was being renovated after some miscreants desecrated the complex last year. Activists of Hindu bodies say that the JDA should better focus on reclaiming the land grabbed by Rohingyas first.

Here is a video by the News Now, captured immediately after the doors of the temple were unlocked for the public.

Other Video:

(With inputs from online reports) 

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