Don’t believe whatsapp on SRO-202

A picture of a document is being shared on whatsapp since a couple of days in J&K. After seeing the doc, many started celebrating. According to the document, the much-talked-about SRO-202 is going to be scrapped off by March 1, 2018. Here is that “document”

JV would like to inform that the post is FAKE. How do we say that the document is fake? Here is how:

  • Some text of the doc is blurred while the rest is sharp. It shows that it is the product of poor photo editing.
  • The mastermind behind this misleading document has given least attention to language and grammar. No government order comes out with so much grammatical mistakes and typos.
  • There exists no such order on the website of General Administration Department. Here is the link to cross check

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  • The actual Government Order no 178 GAD or 2018 contains Tentative seniority list of members of J&K Secretariat (Gazetted) Service-I1 (Private Secretaries cadre) and it does not say anything regarding the SRO-202. Here is itJammu Virasat alerts you not to believe every post shared on social networks. Always confirm with relevant authorities and verified websites before believing anything viral.
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