Dogri: Who will fight, for our right!

Written by Abhishek Khajuria 

It’s out in today’s Daily Excelsior newspaper that ignoring all resentment, the government is going ahead with the order of implementing Kashmiri in colleges of Jammu region.

It is in continuation with historical subjugation of Jammu by Kashmiri leadership.

A number of warnings were given by various sections of Dogra society against this evil design of imposing Kashmiri ethnicity on Duggar region (Jammu province). But those in power have turned a deaf ear to all as they’ve always done to everything but their interests.

Strict warnings were given by Team Jammu, Bar Council of Jammu, Dogri Sanstha, Panchayat Conference and Dogri scholars of Jammu University   but to no avail. And if these organisations are to be believed, we must be ready for a massive agitation on the lines of the Amarnath Protests!


 BJP may have let us down, but Jammu is not to be weakened so easily. We have student organisations, the Bar Council, Dogra cultural organisations, Trade Unions etc. but they are not enough! The issue at hand is bigger than AIIMS or Amarnath Land Row.

This time, it is invasion on our land and identity. It’s time to fight for what is right and let’s not forget who we are दिन्दे ने जवाब तोली तोली ए खण्ड मिट्ठे लोक डोगरे.

Update:- A little more than an hour after this article was posted, good news has arrived and the Jammu and Kashmir Higher Education has retraced it’s order and those 49 converted positions are now reserved for Dogri with an additional bonus of 25 seats for Punjabi.



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