Watch Video: Hilarious Dogri Poem

Watch this video for a hilarious poem by Harsh Kalotra. The Dogri poem titled Athmaan Nyaana (अठमां न्याना), Eighth Child, will gives hilarious description of a poor man who has just welcomed eighth child in his household.

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In the poem, Harsh mentions how a man’s life becomes miserable with so many children around. Surely one should not bring forth more than 1 or 2 children as more people only add to the woes of the family and the nation.


मेरी डोगरी हास्य कविता न: (2) “अठमां न्याना ” पसंद ओग ताँ जरूर शेयर करेयो….

Posted by Hʌʀsʜ Kʌɭotʀʌ on Monday, 17 July 2017

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