5 things to know about J&K’s Accession Day

It was on this day in 1947, that the Instrument of Accession was signed by Maharaja Hari Singh, agreeing to accede J&K with the Republic of India.Accession JK

Some nationalist political parties celebrate it is as Vijay Diwas commemorating the vijay, or victory, of Indian forces over the nefarious Pakistani invaders who raided J&K in 1947.

Pakistani led Pashtun lashkar

The document was signed after Pakistani led Pashtun lashkar, or militia from Waziristan, invaded Kashmir by looting and raping the locals. Indian Army, on request by the Maharaja stepped in and warded the raiders away.war between India-Pakistan

The war between India-Pakistan continue even after the signing of the document. Two notable Dogra martyrs of this war were: Brigadier Rajinder Singh, first Maha Vir Chakra and Major Somnath Sharma, first Param Vir Chakra.

Brigadier Rajinder Singh

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That was the time when people, especially women, in Kashmir stood up to form local militia to defend against Pakistan.kashmir defends democracy

Bonus point:kashmir women defend kashmir

1 Usha Kak nee Dhar
2 Kaushalya Kaul nee Dhar
3 Krishna Misri nee Zadoo
10 Shanta Kashkari (also identified as Janaki Devi)
11 Leela Bhan nee Dhar
12 Jai Kishori Dhar
13 Indu Pandit nee Zadoo
14 Khurshid Bakshi nee Jalauddin
15 Usha Khanna nee Kashyap
16 Zainab Begum
17Jai Kishori Vashnavi nee Bhan
21 Laxmi Rambal

Jammu & Kashmir’s inclusion in India is final and non-negotiable. A confusion has been created about the status of the state by inimical forces led by Pakistan and the vested interests within and outside the state.

The confusion stems from the time-to-time decisions (some amounting to blunders) taken by subsequent governments at the Centre and pliable governments in the state.

The need of the hour is to restore the original boundaries of the state as acceded by Maharaja Hari Singh to India on October 26, 1947 as resolved in the Indian parliamentary resolution of 1994.

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