4 Things to know About Dogra Styled Chole Ala Kulcha

One of the most famous street food of Dogra’s is Chole Ala Kulcha and this delicacy is cherished by street food lovers. From school kids to office goers, everyone seems to enjoy this masaledaar street food snack that is more like a meal in itself. Here are four interesting things you should know about Dogra Styled Chole Ala Kulcha:

  1. It is a staple sort of item when it comes to the traditional street food of all the ten districts of Jammu. One can say it is the most consumed street food of Jammu division.
  2. Chole Ala Kulcha is combination of boiled chickpeas (chole) and a soft white flour bread (kulcha) is served garnished with chopped onions, juicy tomatoes, powdered spices and a generous squeeze of lime then filled in the half-cut bun forms a Chole Ala kulcha.
  3. With everyone having a recipe of their own, this dish usually tastes different depending on the street vendor you choose.
  4.  In Jammu province, bicycle guys are generally seen selling chole kulchas. You can find them in every nook and corner of city. They carry a small grill (Tava) with them to fry it. The price of one Chole Kulcha is Rs 10-20.

For those who love spicy food, this is as good as it gets.

Highly recommended for the not so calorie conscious or perhaps the adventurous foodie.

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