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Curfew in Jammu is the helplessness of patients

The biggest setback of the continuous curfew in Jammu is the helplessness of patients needing immediate medical attention.

While traffic remained off roads for the fifth continuous day on Tuesday, patients were at the receiving end.

Many chemist shops too had downed their shutters for the entire period as the owners lived far off from their shops and did not possess any identity proof.

“My mother reported of chest pain and needed immediate admission. But not having any curfew pass or a vehicle to ferry her to the hospital, we had to keep her on home remedies,” said Sanjay Gupta, a resident of Trikuta Nagar.

One of the doctors, who attended the Out Patient Department (OPD) in these days, said the OPD was deserted as only a negligible number of patients turned up. “In normal situations, the OPD seldom remains free and is generally overcrowded with patients coming from all nooks and corners of the state,” the doctor said.

Children and elderly, who are unable to withstand various illnesses, especially in the prevalent cold weather conditions, suffered the most. Also, taking advantage of the situation, doctors also took to leisure.

“My 4-year-old child had a severe stomachache and needed immediate attention. Since all private practitioners were shut, there was no other option but to move her to a government hospital. We rushed her to the GMCH OPD, which wore a deserted look and we were not able to find any doctor. An elderly nurse was available who administered IV injection to my child and she was relieved of pain,” said Savita Chauhan, a resident of Sanjay Nagar.

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At receiving end

[Originally posted in The Tribune India]

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