Things to know about native of Jammu, who has successfully conquer seven of the highest peaks of the world

Colonel Ranveer Singh Jamwal, a native of Jammu, has become the first serving army man to successfully conquer seven of the highest peaks of the world. Here is everything you need to know about him:

Col Jamwal, is a resident of village Badhori in district Samba of J&K.

Departing on December 25, 2018 he climbed the Mount Vinson Massif in Antarctica on January 4 thus completing the prestigious list.

Apart from Mt Vinson Massif, Col Jamwal has already scaled these mountains:

The highest mountain of the world, Mt Everest

And the highest mountains of each continent

In Africa, Mt Killimanjaro

In Australia, Mt Carstenesz Pyramid

In Europe, Mt Elbrus

In South America, Mt Aconcagua

In North America, Mt Denali

Colonel Jamwal has the distinction of climbing Mount Everest not once but thrice.

He has done more than 30 expeditions across six continents.

Col Jamwal is also the only the person in India to lead back-to-back Everest expeditions thrice and a total of 51 climbers have climbed the Everest under his leadership.

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The proud recipient of Tenzing Norgay National Adventure Award, the highest adventure award of India, Col Jamwal was declared the best mountaineer of India by Indian Mountaineering Foundation in 2017 and was awarded the IMF Gold Medal duly recognizing his feats. 

Col Jamwal is also a motivational speaker and a youth icon; a true inspiration for the youth of our state and entire country.

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