Lived through the British Raj; centenarian votes in JMC elections

Civic polls in Jammu and Kashmir election 2018 first phase, voting turnout has been satisfactory (even encouraging), in the state, barring the Kashmir region. People from all age groups, especially the females, are said to have been the most fervent voters.

Among all this, has been the contribution of our senior citizens. One such senior citizen is Suhag Rani Thukral.jmc election

Suhag Rani, 104, although having lived past a century, knows the value of a vote. That’s the reason she turned up to vote yesterday in Rehari Chungi, her ward.

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The granny was escorted by her family members to the polling booth.

Meanwhile, Suhag Rani Thukral of Rehari Chungi, Jammu, born in 1915 became the oldest voter of Jammu and Kashmir to exercise her right to vote in the first phase of the Urban Local Bodies polls held on Monday.

The woman cast her vote at ward number 8 in the Rehari Chungi area.

The elderly woman was taken to the polling booth by her children in a car. Mother of four children, Thukral said, “I cannot walk now, but thanks to my children and grandchildren that they helped me reach the polling station.”

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