Indian Army strives to ensure Waste management in Jammu & Kashmir

Waste management has long been a rhetoric for successive governments of the state. Till date nothing sufficient has been done to recycle waste in the state.

Recently, the Army has set up a waste management complex on the outskirts of the city to make Nagrota Military station “a clean and green formation” . Read below to find our more:

  • A Waste Management Complex has been inaugurated at the Nagrota Military Station. The complex aims to turn the area into clean-green zone.
  • The project is result of coordinated efforts of the armed force and their family members.
  • Organic waste is put through newly installed automatic composting machine which converts the waste in to vermicompost that can be used for gardens and parks of Nagrota Military Station, the Spokesman said. The inorganic waste is processed into a fuel-free dry waste management system to reduce waste into ash which can also be used as a fertilizer. There is also a heavy duty incinerator to reduce medical and other waste products into ash. waste-managementRead also: Your health is under threat in Jammu region 
  • Nagrota Military Station lies outsides the municipal limits of Jammu and municipal corporation services are not available for disposal of waste generated in Nagrota garrison.
  • The plant has been erected to convert bio degradable waste from the area into compost.
  • The compost will later be used to nurture plants of the station.
  • Once the project starts running, it will set an example for Jammu Municipal Corporation.
  • The military station doesn’t fall under the JMC and hence no attention was being paid to treat vast heaps of garbage around the area.
  • Since the military has stepped in this noble cause, it is sure to be successful and set an example for Jammu city.
[With inputs from online reports]
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