SUNDAY exclusive: Story of the Kaleeth fort

In Dogri, a small fortress is called as Kaleeth and this was how the fortress came to be called as Kaleeth fort. Here are few things to know about it:

Like a faithful sentinel, the fortress has remained a witness to centuries of political, social and economic upheavals in this region. With the passage of time, it is fast fading into oblivion from the cultural landscape of the Dogras. The inability of the descendants to protect and preserve, family feuds, division of property and general neglect had a debilitating effect on this monument.

It is imperative that this monument be brought under the aegis of Archaeological Survey of India or preserved under Jammu & Kashmir Heritage, Conservation and Preservation Act of 2010 as a tangible asset of great historical value.

In order to preserve the rich legacy of Dogra culture, it is important that the once famous but now forgotten Kaleeth fortress must get its rightful place as a major historical monument before it disappears into the sands of time.

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