AoL prgramme disrupted; amid demand of freebies

A programme, titled Paigam-e-Mohabbat, organised by the Art of Living  foundation and “some well-meaning people” of Kashmir was cut short yesterday in Srinagar. The audience turned to protesting and raising demands of Azaadi and other freebies.shr shri ravi kashmir

Protestors said they were not interested in any Message of Love unless they are given free sewing machines and cricket kits. They alleged that the well-meaning people had lured them into the program on pretext of freebies. Another protestor, a farmer, said that it is waiver of Kisan Credit Card Loans that brought him to the event.

Asiya Andrabi, the chief of Dukhtaran-e-Millat, a hardcore Islamist organisation, which openly advocates Sharia Law for Kashmir, and believes that it their moral duty to tend to the terrorists; said that Sri Sri should not preach any paigam-e-mohabbat to the people of Kashmir, as it would seriously mar her mission of radicalising the people of Kashmir.

Sri Sri has said that his organisation has given vocational training to a number of Kashmiris in Bangalore who are earning their living well. As for the unexpected ending of the event, he said that Adnan Sami sings better than him; if his show could go flop in Kashmir, he stands no chance!


(the write-up is a work of inexperienced cook turned writer who adds masala to anything and everything)
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