The documents are with the DGP himself, Who is he?

While a common man is dead scared of going out on roads lest IG Traffic Basant Rath might seize their vehicle, or challan at least, due to one reason or the other. Somebody, allegedly, did a fine job of tricking the policemen checking traffic offenders recently.Did DGP cheat Basant Rath on live news?

In a viral video, policemen are seen stopping a vehicle. On demanding documents from the driver, the co passenger manages intervenes saying that the documents are with the DGP himself. It all happened on live stream by JK Media. Now it is being claimed that the co-passenger was none other than a Kashmiri DGP who concocted the lie on live media to avoid being challaned.

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It is matter of concern and enquiry, if in case the story is true. It can be expected of IG Traffic Basant Rath that if he can challan a departmental vehicle, he can take appropriate action on the said DGP also, subject to the authenticity of the story.

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