Efforts of this Policeman from Jammu are being lauded on social media

Two weeks were more than enough to make IG Basant Rath an internet sensation in Jammu. Within this brief period, he has gathered more than 50000 followers on his facebook profile. But not everyone comes publishing his deeds on the internet. But as they say, truth can’t be concealed for long, and so has it been.

People have been quick to realise that there is one man, who long before Mr Rath, was being dutiful and that too without any social media attention. People have been sharing one particular collage of Mr Garu Ram Dogra, who manages traffic at busy Paloura Chowk. Here is the picture:Garu ram dogra policeman jammu

Clearly his efforts are being lauded on social media.

According to Facebook post of Anil Sharma ” Garu Ram Dogra is 54 While performing his duty from 8 Am to 8 Pm, you will always find him in the middle of the road. He is managing Traffic at the epicenter of the Akhnoor Road Traffic Jam from last many years way before Basant Rath became IG Traffic Jammu. It doesn’t matter to him whether the vehicle is VIP or Non VIP he is always there to help you. While his other colleagues can be seen relaxing on the sides of the road he is always on duty and can be seen as the most efficient and effective Traffic manager on the Akhnoor Road. His selfless efforts need be acknowledged and forwarded for the Appreciation”.

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Soon some facebook pages noticed the man and set on giving the man his much deserved respect.

Here’s the video of the policeman :

Hats off to this Policeman.

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