Government or NGOs; who is electrifying?

Jammu and Kashmir Minister of State for Power has said the government has set a target of electrifying all un-electrified villages in the state by the end of 2018-19.

According to the 2011 census, there are 102 unelectrified villages in the state. Out of these 26 are in Kashmir, 58 in Jammu and 18 in Ladakh.

Although, according to her, the Centre has approved an amount of Rs 616. 59 crore for electrifying 10 districts of Jammu, 9 districts of Kashmir and 2 districts of Ladakh region; yet it is not uncommon of the masses being sceptic of such promises being fulfilled in time.

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Just in case you are not amused, watch video of a team who set on electrifying remote villages of the state:

Paras Loomba and his core team comprising energy access leader Jaideep Bansal, 28; homestays leader Gaganpreet Singh, 30; project manager Tsering Dorjey, 35; and programme coordinator Stanzin, 26, conduct leadership expeditions to provide energy access to remote Himalayan communities. So far, they have managed to electrify 25 villages in the area.

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