Found love in Kashmir, forced to say Burhan Murdabad!

By now, most of netizens must be acquainted with Deepak Kalal. Deepak, who is popular because of his not-so-conventional persona, had been to our state recently. He spent quite some time exploring Kashmir and enjoying the beauty of the place. Not just the place, he was also impressed with the local population and their hospitality. Honestly, for some time, it seemed that he’d even find the love of his life in Kashmir. Better if he did!

Here are some of his videos from Kashmir

Before leaving J&K, he made a trip to Jammu too. Initially, he didn’t quite seem to differentiate the people here and the people there.  He also tried persuading “Pandit brothers” and “Muslim brothers” to forget the differences and “love each other”. So far, so good!

But he made a mistake– visiting the Jammu University. Some youngsters there, as it seems, were not amused by some of Kalal’s statements that he made while in Kashmir. What follows is here

The youth in this video are complaining about Kalal’s behaviour as shown in the following video:

And here is how Deepak burst into tears after the incident

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