My Words: Some shocking details about rape-and-murder of 8-year-old girl in Kathua

Some shocking details about rape-and-murder of 8-year-old girl in Kathua, J&K by Majid Hyderi

  1. The poor girl was gang-raped for seven days in a village but police did nothing to rescue her till her body was finally found dumped in nearby forest.
  2. Her bones were broken with the heavy objects.
  3. Her upper body bore marks of bites and other torture.
  4. Her body was torn open and burnt before being dumped.
  5. While accused rapists/murderers enjoy impunity, a young lawyer Advocate Talib Hussain who was fighting for the justice for girl has been arrested by police. Talib Hussain released after third degree torture.
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  6. Tragedy pertaining to poor Gujjar family is no concern for the so called civil society.
  7. Jammu Chamber of Commerce and Industries didn’t issue any statement to condemn the gruesome incident and so didn’t Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industries speak. KTMF President Yasin Khan equally observed silence.
  8. Ruling BJP remained silent and so did veteran separatist leader Syed Ali Geelani play mute.
  9. The High Court Bar Association of Jammu remained silent and response of High Court Bar Association Kashmir was no different. Lawyers Club of Kashmir equally didnt seek probe, justice.
  10. No Muslim woman but a Hindu, Monika Jamwal, a journalist working with Punjab Kesari is running a social media campaign to seek justice for the victim.
  11. Victimized community, which staged protests to seek justice had to face batons of police.

We all are silent because it wasn’t our daughter or sister or maybe she wasn’t from our community or tribe; she didn’t belong to the circle of influence that could awaken our souls.

Let’s not communalize the spine shivering tragedy as being the case of a Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or Christians; Unless we humans wake up against such crimes as one voice regardless of religious or other beliefs, someone’s daughter will continue to fell prey. As of now, let our heads hang in collective shame. Sorry Asifa we did nothing for you because your rape and murder doesn’t serve our interests!
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(With Inputs: Bereaved Family and JK Assembly discussions)

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