Bad luck Jammu guys! Girls are not ready to marry you!

In what is becoming a bitter truth for the men in Jammu, a trend has been setting in slowly but very steadily – Jammu girls are not marrying in Jammu anymore. We went out and spoke to young women to gauge why are the women here ready to quit their state subjects.Jammu girl no marriage

From the conversations we gathered this: 

The answer entirely depends upon the mindset they carry about the men of this state. What a single woman wants in a man for considering him potential husband material is obviously no one’s guess but the reasons to not marry are ample clear.


First and foremost thing a woman looks for in a man is that he must understand the concept of freedom. Since the people living in our state do not have much exposure to the outside world they still consider woman as a decorative item who is meant to be guarded every time by her father, brother or husband. Women need space and freedom to hang out with their friends and spending enough time with you later.


On account of the lesser number of industries, there are not many jobs in the state which can offer a good salary to men so that they can have a prosperous life. On the other hand, men living outside the state have ample opportunities to work with well established firms which can offer comparatively higher salaries which mean better life standards. It is 21st century and every girl has a desire to work, earn and become independent but certain families with conservative thinking will not allow them to pursue their dreams so they avoid nose-diving in a relationship with a man belonging to this state.

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Women prefer nuclear families due to the fact that they get enough time and control over things. They also get to devote more time to their husbands and children. Moreover women want their spouses to help them in household chores which they think will not be possible if the husband is from this state.

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