Dogra soldiers and Kashmiri Pandits oppressed Kashmiri Muslims: GK book

JKPSC and other state government job aspirants prefer certain books for preparation, one of the book is  KNOW YOUR STATE JAMMU & KASHMIR, by Arihant Publications. Within a few pages, one can notice some typos and grammatical mistakes. According to the book, Wazwan is most popular cuisine in Indian and World and the Jammu & Kashmir flag has been designed by the Government of India.
Know your state propaganda by arihant jammu kashmir

The author of the book, Abdul Rashid, begins to show his colours from page 28 onwards. The, supposed, General Knowledge book starts preaching propaganda.

The paragraph highlighted in yellow, tells how ‘Kashmiri pandits made it difficult for educated Muslims to get even menial jobs. In the paragraph highlighted in green, the author has mentioned the Late Sheikh Abdullah’s started salary at a Srinagar high school. God forbid if some day the examiner might ask about it!

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Few pages further, there is mention of  Khanqah-i-Maula public meeting and Abdul Gadeer (Qadeer). The same Abdul, who despite being a non-Kashmiri, put the seeds of separatism, hatred and communalism in Kashmir.

The following paragraph sums up the intellectual inclination and short sightedness of the author. The author, in a desperate attempt writes that ‘the Dogra soldiers were looking for an opportunity to teach the Muslims a lesson, opened fire…’

Now if someone wants to challenge the narrative of Mr Abdul Rashid, feel free to give feedback to Abdul and Arihant Publications:

AND don’t forget to thank them for the unanticipated praise to the Dogra Dynasty

Written by Abhishek K

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