Laugh, don’t pass judgement

In a recent video posted by JK Media, the anchor asks some basic questions to youth and almost everybody gives an answer which is either funny or incorrect.

The anchor begins by asking about Darbar Move, to which many funny answers were received. The respondents, mostly girls, gave funny answers like


…an exercise part of the Swacch Bharat Mission..

… to maintain peace between the Hindus and the Muslims…. etc.

The youth, when asked about the top leaders of the country and the state, gave equally funny, and obviously wrong, answers.

The video has gone viral on social media but it raises doubts. What if the right answers have intentionally been edited out the video to make it more funny.

Besides, the video has been shot mainly around the Govt. Women’s College, Gandhi Nagar, Jammu University and Bahu Plaza.

The video is indirectly implying that our college going youth is uninformed. Though politically unaware people exist everywhere, (there are videos of such people from many parts of India as well as from the US) yet it can’t be surmised that everybody is the same here. Also, such a video is definitely not enough to generalise the youth of the state, as some comments on the video are doing.

If somebody is taking this video seriously indeed, they should make it a point to question education system, the institutions instead of targeting a few unawares.

Here is the video:

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