Our youth joining Indian Army isn’t something new

A particular news about some youth joining the Indian Army has been making news since yesterday. The news, most probably an agency copy, has been published rampantly by various news portals; specifically the ones based in J&K. The news was about 185 youth joining Jammu & Kashmir Light Infantry Regiment of Indian Army.jammu and kashmir 185 inspired youths join indian army

Above given are the headlines by DNA, DD News and Asian Age. Since they are national media, they might not be much aware of the fact that youth from Jammu and Ladakh regions have been joining our Armed Forces even before India’s Independence. “Inspired” or not, our youth has always been joining the forces. This is hardly news! Let’s look at some of the headlines from within our state

Jammu links news youth from jk join indian army

One particular newspaper went ahead with this cocky headline so as to glorify the event. They must be reminded that Dogra youth has not only been joining the ranks of our army and other forces but been demanding Dogra Certificate for reservation in them; just so that they may join in even greater numbers!

Though Jammu Virasat does not differentiate between the regions of the state, but still the point needs to be made clear that Jammu or Ladakh youth joining Indian Army isn’t news but Kashmiri youth defying terrorists’ threats to join is!

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