Funny situation: Farooq Abdullah shook Modi’s hand and IGNORED Rahul Gandhi?

Rahul Gandhi has people rolling on the floor once again. This time he didn’t say anything funny, but a rather funny situation occurred with him.

In the monsoon session of Parliament, where the new members in the Lok Sabha were asked to take oath. Farooq Abdullah also took oath and later he walked around to meet everyone.

Just as he was passing through another row of MPs, shaking their hands, Rahul Gandhi, who was sitting in the row behind, stands up to greet Farooq. Watch what happens

We can not say for sure that Rahul got up to shake Farooq’s hand and that it was Farooq who ignored him. It could have been that Rahul got up out of courtesy and his action may have been justified.

But the damage is done and people are sure having their last laugh.

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