5 Interesting Things to do in Summer Vacations in Jammu

Summer vacations are on and one must be feeling bored at home. Or some parents must be worried about their kids sleeping all day or watching too much TV. If you are one of these, take charge and do something fruitful these summer vacations. Jammu has so much to offer to appease the explorer in you – Yes, even during summers!

1) Visit your native village indulge in day-to-day activities that people follow in village. It is a fun as well as learning experience and the simplicity of it all excites a joyous feeling.Village Jammu

2) Pilgrimage : There are numerous shrines dotted throughout the state. Every pilgrimage place has a unique mythological story associated and religious significance.Pilgrimage Jammu

3.Go on a family picnic to Patnitop or Mansar, there are lot of places in Jammu and Kashmir you can explore.

4. Learn a New Skill:  What have you always wanted to do? Well, what’s stopping you? Do it right now, during your summer break! You don’t need to join courses with hefty fees to acquire this knowledge – you could just rely on Youtube videos and other free, online courses and forums. Maybe by the time of your next summer break, you can pass on your knowledge and even start teaching these skills! Here are a few skills you could develop:

  • Play an instrument
  • Learn a foreign language
  • Learn how to salsa
  • Learn how to bake
  • Learn about psychology5.  Summer vacation is the perfect time to build a hobby, meeting with friends& relatives and spending time with family.  
    Do you have any new, innovative ways of spending time during the summer vacations in Jammu? Do let us know!
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