Online petition urging PMO to have electricity in Jammu

Notwithstanding the claims of present BJP-PDP led Government to improve the power supply in the state, internet users in Jammu are signing an Online petition through to have electricity which will be sent to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) to prevail upon the state government to help people in Jammu and Kashmir.

“The current J&K Government which is BJP-PDP led Govt. has failed to provide complete 16-18 hours electricity to Jammuites despite being the fact that jammu is the main financial,industrial,administrative city in J&K and gives more tax than Kashmir .” the petition said

online petition electricity jammu

The Jammu region is presently reeling under worst ever power crisis in these hot summer days when mercury has soared to over 45 degree Celsius, hampering the water supply also.

The petition has been started by Arjun Gupta at the time of writing over 253 people have signed the petition.

The petition was filed when “Jammu division has given 25 BJP MLA’s to legislative Assembly and formed the backbone of the government and Deputy CM Dr.Nirmal Singh who is our Power Minister too has failed to prove the sustainability of this state Government and also spoiled the image of Centre government” the petition reads.

Though the PDD blames it on the excessive burden on the grid stations caused by the unregistered load, residents say the department should take steps to act against illegal connections and power theft.

For signing the petition click here.

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